Fighting for Your Rights
is My Number One Priority

I am highly responsive with all of my clients. If you have a question or concern, I'm just a phone call or text away.


As my client, you'll work directly with me. My personal time and attention are devoted to you and your specific case.


My working-class roots taught me that persistence and hard work can help you overcome any obstacle.

Traffic Lawyer & FOIA Attorney in Buffalo, New York

Michael Kuzma

Michael Kuzma

Attorney at Law

My belief in upholding the Constitution and my working-class roots motivated me to seek out a career where my hard work and determination could help me fight for the rights of others. I was the first member of my family to attend college, so I know what it's like to defy the odds and strive for success. I bring this persistence and drive to succeed in each case that I take on. I have been practicing law since 1998, providing me with over two decades of legal experience. If you are in need of a traffic law, criminal, or FOIA attorney you can trust, contact Michael Kuzma today to set up a free consultation. Together we will fight for you and your rights.


"I fight vigorously to preserve and protect the rights of my fellow Americans."

Michael Kuzma

Transparency and trust every step of the way

During the extent of my career, I have advocated for more transparency in government. As an attorney with substantial Freedom of Information Act experience, I am a strong supporter of fighting for change and exposing governmental misconduct. This passion for justice carries over into my work as a traffic law and criminal law attorney as well.

I am an attorney you can put your trust in because I will keep you informed every step of the way from start to finish. I am devoted to leading by example when it comes to pursuing justice in an ethical and fair manner. Together, we will fight for your rights and make sure that your Constitutional Rights are being respected. As my client, you are my number one priority until a just resolution has been reached.

For over two decades, I have fought for countless clients and resolved a myriad of cases in the areas of traffic law, criminal, and Freedom of Information Act matters. My extensive practical experience and knowledge make me the perfect partner for you and your case. Don't wait to take action — I am prepared to assist you today.

Don't face the legal process alone. It can be complicated and overwhelming. You deserve to have a capable and confident attorney by your side. If you need an attorney in Buffalo, Amherst, Tonawanda, West Seneca, or anywhere else in New York State, contact Michael Kuzma for trusted legal guidance in traffic law, criminal, or FOIA cases. Together we will fight for justice, and I will persevere until we have reached a fair and favorable outcome.

Practice Areas

New York State Defenders Association
Bar Association of Erie County

Legal guidance & leadership

When you contact an attorney, you want someone by your side who will take the reins and lead you to victory. As your partner and collaborator throughout your case, I will help you decide the right course of action for your specific needs. I start out by understanding my client's case, and then we have a conversation about where we should go next.

I'll share my experiences to help you choose the right path, but ultimately, this is your case and your life. You get the final say on how we proceed. My goal is to empower you to protect your rights and fight for justice. Together we will work as a team to accomplish this objective. Whether you need help with traffic law, FOIA, or criminal defense, I am the attorney for you.

My clients often have many questions and concerns when they come to me for advice. You may be wondering, how will this impact my driving record? How much will the fine be? Will I have to appear in court? I will answer all of these questions as we work together to solve your case. I advise my clients to assert their rights, never provide information before consulting counsel, and always take notes.

If you are in need of an attorney in Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Tonawanda, West Seneca, or anywhere else in New York State, I encourage you to take action and contact me today. As an experienced Traffic Law, FOIA, and Criminal Defense Attorney, I am prepared to take on your case and help you secure the disposition you deserve.